Well, That Went Quickly!

Well, 2016 has been & gone, what a year it has been.

This year has been the bumpiest that I have ever seen.

There’s been tears & laughter & angry moments too

Not sure if I’m happy or not that this year is almost through

But I will never forget the lessons that life has taught me

Like live without fear, be more creative & practise positivity

So, here I am, standing tall & laughing through the tears

I will smile more widely, dance more freely & shoo away my fears

I’ve always been the weirdo, the one who is just a little bit strange

But I now see clearly, that is okay and why should I change?

I will start the new year strong & ready to face whatever it brings

I have beautiful family and friends to support me through all these things

I hope they all know just how much I treasure them, like the gems they are,

One thing my loved ones should remember; just don’t get in if I’m driving the car!