Meet My Character – Leila Sinclair

Leila Sinclair, 38, is an unassuming woman. Over the years she has forgotten to take care of herself amongst being a loving wife, doting mother and trying to keep up with the modern world at her job as Team Leader at NeoTech Inc. Now though, she finds that no one needs her. Leila’s  thirteen-year-old son Nathan (“It’s Nate actually!”) is all grown up and would rather die than be seen with his mum (his words)

Madison is six and has been in primary school for over a year now and only needs her mummy for food, hair, bedtime stories and when there is no one else to play with. As for her husband, well, he doesn’t even share the bed with Leila most nights now and even when he does, there is always a glacial gap between them. 

She avoids most reflective surfaces now, she refuses to believe that bloated stretched stressed looking person staring back is in fact, herself. Her dirty blond hair hasn’t had any attention since Nathan was born and there isn’t a strand of hair on her head that isn’t brittle or split. Her work suits were old and had shown signs of linting and her frumpy after work/weekend attire of baggy jumpers and tracksuit trousers may have been extremely comfortable but wasn’t exactly winning her any ‘wifey’ points, not that Jonathon was here much now.

Between working all hours at the Financial, er, Institution of something or the other (Leila really needed to start listening to Jonathon when he drones on about work) and his need to play Jai alai, he was only here to see the children off in the morning, mostly.

But what would Leila do if she found out that everything was about to come to a screeching halt and the world that she knows and loves comes crashing down around her? The times are changing and Leila needs to decide if she is ready for one more time around the merry bush!