Location, location, location!

Whilst writing my book, I seem to keep coming across speed bumps and this one came in the form of authenticity. I wanted to use real life locations and that means tonnes of research.

For example, Leila (the protagonist) is meeting her friend at a pub that they would have frequented all throughout their lives and Leila would have chosen a rustic old fashioned family pub (I should mention that I have set the book in London).

I have been reading so many reviews (some of the things people complain about are… nevermind..) and googling “old fashioned rustic family pub” and they all look great but they seem to have been modernised and the terms “old fashioned” and “rustic” mean something very different these days.

Oh well, I am sure I will find that diamond amongst the rough. I just want my book to be authentic and help the readers see the characters rather than the words.If anyone does know of anything rustic and old fashioned in the terms of entertainment that would be great! 


Author: TinkABelle

I am Tink Anna Belle from England and this is a place to share my many attempts at writing what is in my heart.

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