A Frame of Mind

How many of you have ever been typing or writing away when all of a sudden you hit that invisible barrier? It keeps happening to me, every time I try to continue my story I can’t seem to find a way forward. But I kept at it and kept blundering my way through each line trying to bring it all together, but no matter how much I wanted to write it would always go the same way; get inspired to write, write for a few moments and hit that wall again.

I was getting quite frustrated at myself, why couldn’t I get what was in my head onto the screen and don’t even get me started on that irritating little cursor blinking away at me as if to say “Well? What are you waiting for?”

Just when I was about ready to punch my screen I suddenly realised what I need to do. I needed a guide to remind myself what I wanted my book to become and it was relatively easy. I started off by writing just a few key words down and then I expanded on those words, which I eventually expanded into sentences and before you knew it, I had my book!

It felt so good to see how my book was going to go and not have to worry about where I need to take my characters, it definitely got me excited about writing and pushed me on to finish. All I wrote were just a few sentences so I can build the book around it without having to worry about trying to connect the chapters. The best thing about my frame is that it allows to creatively free up my mind!

Thanks for listening and I hope this might help you!

Love you all,

T x


Author: TinkABelle

I am Tink Anna Belle from England and this is a place to share my many attempts at writing what is in my heart.

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